Winter cleaning of the territory is priority of our activity. “Garant-Company” offers to order the service at the convenient time for you. Rainfall is fraught with an accident, injuries, traffic interference. Moreover, business owners can get pecuniary sanctions. That’s why winter cleaning of the territory has to be carried out in accordance with established rules and norms. We have a big experience in solving these problems. Also we have special modern equipment which makes removing as quickly as possible.


High quality of services

Work implementation at convenient time for you

Speedy implementation of winter cleaning of the territory

Variable prices

We clean any objects from snow – gardens, streets, territory of production enterprises and stores, shipping mall, offices, parks etc. Cleaning includes several steps. At first specialists remove snow from the paths. After it is collected into containers and take out to snow-melting point. To ensure the safety of traffic we sprinkle the site with de-icing agents.

Also you can order such service as deep floor cleaning.

To order snow removal service, call us: +7 (495) 143-53-33.