Snow removal is one of the most popular services in the winter and “Garant-Company” offers to order it at a reasonable price. The speed of solving this problem is very important, because snow rapidly turns into ice, and it is more difficult and expensive to remove it.

We have a lot of models of modern cargo equipment with different capacity, thanks to which snow removal is carried out at any amount and short time.

Price of snow removal in Moscow

You can order the service and know the details on our Website.

The snow accumulation can cause a lot of inconveniences, starting with traffic interference and ending with serious injuries. Snow removal is carried out with special equipment – spades, graders, tractors with attachments. To take snow out we use – dump-body trucks, front loaders, skip loader truck with different body amount.


Availability of modern equipment and functional tools

Prepared and learned team of professionals

Reasonable price of snow removal

Speedy implementation of services

A full range of services includes cleaning of such objects as gardens, roads, surrounding areas, roofs, pools, relaxation areas. We work as quickly as possible. Winter cleaning of the territory is carried out at any convenient time for you. Cost depends on the location of the site, its square, amount and type of work.

Reasonable priced and speedy snow removal. To order the service, call us: +7 (495) 143-53-33