Comprehensive maintenance includes:

Inspection of greenery by a dendrologist, preparing of the maintenance recommendations. 

Trees and bushes care

  • Top dressing, watering, loosening, weeding, plant protection, insulation of root system, cover and coating of thermophytes, loading and unloading of fertilizer, garbage;
  • Timely removal of dry and damaged trees with cutting order;
  • Sanitary trees pruning;
  • Trees and bushes planting.

Flower garden care

  • Planting of seedlings and bulbs, watering, loosening, weeding;
  • Top dressing, plants protection, garbage collection.

Playground and sand-box care, cleaning of the polished and marble surfaces, pedestals, bas-relief.

Roads care

Inventory of the landscaping object

Lawn care

  • Combing, top dressing, watering, weeding, garbage and leaves collection;
  • Mowing;
  • Lawn laying;

Flower vases and vertical floral designs

  • Raising and laying of metal bars on the wells trees, lawn edge cleaning;
  • Painting and washing of the greenery fences;
  • Sweeping, watering, snow removal;
  • Placement and moving of the divans, benches, waste bin;
  • Garbage removal, cleaning and painting of waste bin, staircases and containers.


Small architectures forms care

Key to a beautiful garden is quality care by professional gardeners and dendrologist.